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Adam GarrettI was born in Santa Monica at St. John’s Hospital. Spent my early years in Ojai, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. I spent my formative adolescent years running around the valley and Hollywood. Early Musical and artistic influences include hardcore punk, rockabilly, heavy metal. Inspired by artists Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali, MC Escher, Robert Williams, Mad Magazine and Hunter S. Thompson.

Born an artist, I was always drawing, playing with clay and building “stuff.” In the 90’s I started painting acrylic on canvas because I wanted to decorate my apartment but could not afford the framed prints I found myself enjoying. I realized that I preferred paint to pencil. I really enjoy old travel posters and hot rods. So that’s what I focused on and spent my time painting. Having had some occupational and spiritual detours, occasionally my art was set aside to hibernate. With open and clear channels, now firing on all cylinders, I have been given new opportunities and directions to show my work. Painting new work and completing old. I now show weekly at the NOHO Artist Village, Toluca Lake Farmer’s Market, and Canoga Park Third Thursdays.

Upcoming event: The Taste of Encino, Dia De Los Muertos / Main Street Canoga Park; Downtown L.A. Artwalk, and several car shows.

I offer posters, T-shirts, and Giclee’s of my work. I also do community outreach to promote art.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Adam Garrett

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